Target these 23 GOP Reps on Trump-Russia Probe – RIGHT NOW

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, 23 Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee plan to put party before country and kill an investigation of Trump-Russia ties and financial conflicts of interest, despite strong support for these investigations among the American people.

Are you going to let the GOP get away with burying Trump’s corruption and possible treason – or ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE SOME NOISE?

Below find the phone number and twitter handle of all 23 Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee.

News reports say Republicans on the committee plan to kill the resolution, stopping it from moving to the House floor.

Will you stand in their way?

This is our chance. Make sure they hear from you and PLEASE SHARE.

#ReleasetheReturns #InvestigateRussia #RESIST

*Remember to state your ZIP Code if you’re a constituent. If not a constituent, call main committee line: 202-225-3951, or the chairman if it’s busy.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA-06)

202-225-5431, @RepGoodlatte


Rep. Martha Roby (AL-02)

202-225-2901, @RepMarthaRoby


Rep. Trent Franks (AZ-08)

202-225-4576, @RepTrentFranks


Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05)

202-225-2635, @andybiggs4az


Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49)

202-225-3906, @DarrellIssa


Rep. Ken Buck (CO-04)

202-225-4676, @repkenbuck


Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06)

202-225-2706, @RepDeSantis


Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-01)

202-225-4136, @Rep_Matt_Gaetz


Rep. Doug Collins (GA-09)

202-225-9893, @RepDougCollins


Rep. Steve King (IA-04)

202.225.4426, @stevekingIA


Rep. Raúl Labrador (ID-01)

202-225-6611, @Raul_Labrador


Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04)

202-225-2777, @repmikejohnson


Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01)

202-225-2216, @repstevechabot


Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04)

202-225-2676, @jim_jordan


Rep. Tom Marino (PA-10)

202-225-3731, @reptommarino


Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-04)

202-225-6030, @tgowdySC


Rep. Lamar Smith (TX-21)

202-225-4236, @lamarsmithTX21


Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01)

(202) 225-3035, @replouiegohmert


Rep. Ted Poe (TX-02)

202-225-6565, @judgetedpoe 


Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX-27)

202-225-7742, @farenthold 


Rep. John Ratcliffe (TX-04)

202-225-6673, @repratcliffe


Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT-03)

202-225-7751, @jasoninthehouse


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. (WI-05)

202-225-5101, @JimPressOffice



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