I want to say something about the mass deportations.

16387320_10208267967162386_4198230921508368620_nImmigrant families, people who’ve lived here for decades, people with family who are citizens, are being deported to a place where they have no home, no opportunity, no safety.

I have read and heard about how a woman with a brain tumor needing surgery was removed from the hospital even as her condition deteriorated. Mothers separated from their children. Children sick in the detention centers. People are even being removed from restaurants. I heard from a local health department director how pregnant, old, or chronically ill patients are afraid to leave their homes to seek medical care.

These fellow human beings and community members also are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse by others, since they cannot go to the police. Imagine if this was you.

A few days ago, an Indian man was murdered in a hate crime for being an immigrant, and others were injured. Imagine if this was your family.

And now the administration has removed limitations on using private prisons, so the for-profit prison industry, which invested in Trump’s campaign, will see a boon from imprisoned immigrants awaiting deportation.

This is not a humane way, or even a reasonable way, to handle immigration. To me, it’s barbaric.

Aside from the moral questions of compassion, equality, and tolerance, do you care about our ability to invite economy-stimulating tourism and the most talented and innovative workforce?

Claims that immigrants are responsible for crime or siphon wealth away from white people is a fallacy. In fact, the right-leaning American Action Forum estimated that the economic cost of deporting 11 million people is a $1.6 trillion drop in real gross domestic product: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/03/the-conservative-case-against-enforcing-immigration-laws/387004.  (This study is from 2 years ago, so it definitely wasn’t part of an anti-Trump push.)

It presents a challenging but defining moral question when you hear the call to cast aside fellow human beings…because you can, because white people have “the power” to do so, or because we (meaning our grandparents or great-grandparents) were here first…

Even though we weren’t really first here, were we?

Will you stand up for what’s right?

#ICE #fightignorancenotimmigrants #immigrantsarewelcomehere

#refugeesarewelcomehere #nohatenofear #nobannowall #resist



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