Are Protesters Being Paid? Is Obama Behind The Resistance?

16683849_10208414808353324_1746384067867939448_n There isn’t a payroll or an Obama conspiracy to this organic grassroots #resistance. How do I know?

I know because I’ve watched it grow from the inside. Locally in Raleigh, I’ve seen it blossom from Occupy crowds in 2011 (hundreds), to Moral March crowds in 2013 (thousands), to the Women’s March and HKonJ in 2017 (tens of thousands).

I have met many first-time protesters and heard from many friends that they are making their first calls to Congress.

Most of all, I’ve listened to the concerns of the people who are speaking up:
> They are informed about the Constitutional Crisis we are experiencing, with absurd attacks on the judiciary and a Congress that votes against the will of the majority of Americans.
> They have heard the lies and witnessed the attacks on Muslims, Latinx, and the free press.
> They seethe disgust when they discuss Trump’s unresolved conflicts of interest, payments from foreign governments, hidden tax returns, and the tens of millions already spent on Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower security.
> They see through the clumsy misdirection on Russia and the treasonous complicity of Republicans who are pretending that the #RussiaGate investigation is complete 2 weeks after Flynn’s resignation, although there have been NO HEARINGS!
> They know the clear and present danger our country faces with an incompetent, reactionary, narcissistic leader who is more focused on posting to Twitter than a raid in Yemen where dozens died.

>  And they know people will die and/or go bankrupt without access to healthcare that the Affordable Care Act provides.

You don’t have to pay people to speak out about these things.

We also hear the put-downs about being “paid protesters” or “violent,” “disruptive,” or “self-involved” when we stand up to defend the rights of others. Still we #PERSIST in defending our Constitution, our Country, and our fellow citizens.

Representatives and voters: Don’t tune out the concerns of millions of activists around the country just because you haven’t seen anything like this before.

You might not agree with our politics, but we are real and independent of the establishment and we are a force to be reckoned with — as you may have already realized.

CALL CONGRESS TODAY – 202-225-3121

#Resist #TheResistance #WeareUnited #ForwardTogether


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