A Constituent Letter to Senator Richard Burr

17021698_10208456393992939_9015458190756690954_nHello Senator,

I have been following the investigation of Russian interference in our election. I saw in January you released a statement with Sen. Warner saying that you plan to have hearings, interview many officials and publish an unclassified report. When can we expect to receive some news on this important investigation?

You seem to be a vocal supporter of this president you are responsible for investigating for unprecedented impropriety. You even made calls to reporters at his behest. You are not supposed to be the PR wing of the White House, sir. Even I know that’s not what the framers of the Constitution intended. You were trying to play down the story in the days after former NSA Michael Flynn resigned. Why weren’t you holding hearings instead of trying to sway reporters?

The trend is alarming. The Republican-held Congress is voting down in committee every effort to hold Trump accountable to the American people for his secret business ties and debts. Most – not all – Republicans are acting like the Russian interference was a ruse, or good for American diplomacy, or not worth investigating. Is the lack of appetite for this investigation (compared with Benghazi, for instance) because the Russian interference helped your Party, sir?

Are you a Patriot, sir?

I hope that for the future well-being of this nation and the integrity of our democratic electoral process you will hold Trump accountable the same way you would have with Obama if the circumstances had been the same.

I would love a reply that addresses my concerns without platitudes about how Americans were “clear about their priorities” in the election. Trump lost by 2.8 million votes. It’s clear to me that the majority of voters rejected Trumpism.

It would be a great benefit to the nation, sir, if you’d lead the way in taking a more bipartisan approach.

Thank you for listening,
Stacie Borrello


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