Trump Should Be Impeached – But How It Happens Matters

  Just 4 months since 45’s inauguration and already 2 serious national security breaches (Flynn and the ISIS Intel leak), a growing FBI investigation, and a special prosecutor. Aptly described as a “dumpster fire,” the crisis is burning so brightly that even some people on the left want to see it keep raging to cause an even greater disaster for the GOP.

As far as the 38% approval Trump has left, I think some of those people are hanging on because it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong and accept any “I told you so’s.” It’s hard to do a 180 from calling Hillary a crook to realizing the people who did that (Trump, Flynn) are likely crooks – or even traitors.

It’s also hard to open up to a different narrative when the right-wing media insulates trump from justified criticism, as well as the wider context of what is happening in its individual reports.

However, no matter how hard some might try, the disaster unfolding right now does not find an equivalent in Obama or Clinton, nor does bringing up any past wrongdoing by Obama or Clinton (real or perceived) have any impact whatsoever on the standard to which the actual sitting president must rise.

I mean, if you honestly didn’t want Hillary because of past national security risks, investigation meddling, suspect ties with foreign powers, and lies, how in the hell could you want trump at this point in the game? Because he promised to “make America great” by making it more militaristic and white, with heaping tax cuts for the rich? For that, you’ll gladly sell out the U.S.A to Russian influence?

Some people on the right ARE paying attention, as the new Reuters poll shows Trump lost 7 points with Republicans in 1 week. If you’re not one of these Republicans, can you do a reality check, please?

What I’m most worried about is Trump not going down without an ugly, destructive fight that further divides the nation (and families, friends, and neighbors) and erodes trust in U.S. Intelligence, the FBI, and The White House – not only at home but with allies as well.

I realize it’s very confusing to know who to believe if you’re not following the facts closely. What I find most disturbing is the way the trump administration and even Putin are describing journalists, government watchdogs, investigators, and the anti-Trump resistance (forces working to expose corruption) as the “enemy,” “dangerous,” “stupid,” and saboteurs. Ironically, these are the EXACT same words that in reality apply to Trump, Putin and their enablers, but Trump and Putin are turning around those labels and using them to smear the forces opposing them (the only exception is “stupid” doesn’t fit Putin). It’s gas-lighting 101 and it’s exacerbating a huge division in our country.

Putin is NOT our friend and he DOES have undue influence in the White House, which is obvious from stunning revelations this week about the intel leak and Michael Flynn.

This political disintegration of the past six and a half months seems necessary to rebuild a more just, people-centered political system. But that’s the long view.

The short view is: There is pretty strong circumstantial evidence there has been a cover-up of a crime. We’ll see how the actual evidence bears out.

Whatever happens, Democrats can’t lead the impeachment charge; that would be painted as partisan politics without broad support and would likely backfire.

To reunify the nation, we need Republicans to admit defeat, enforce the rule of law they claim to uphold, and clean up their own mess. The process needs to be bipartisan and as gradual as Trump’s incompetence allows.

No matter what the crime(s), a couple dozen House members and 19 GOP senators must vote to impeach.

The question is: Will they put country before party? And how much damage will be done to the nation before they do?


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