Patriots Defend the First Amendment – Trump Doesn’t

1st-Amendment Turkey has arrested 150 journalists, dismissed more than 150,000 judges, teachers, police and civil servants, and taken into custody nearly 50,000 others the government suspects of supporting a failed coup last year, according to Reuters. Could it happen here?

While America doesn’t seem like the place for this, I believe the verbal and even physical attacks on the press in the last few months are a warning sign. A reporter was arrested for asking Tom Price a question about healthcare; another was assaulted for doing the same with Rep. Greg Gianforte in Montana, and still another pinned against the wall at the FCC for a question.

Reporters’ questions are frequently inconvenient and persistent for those who don’t want to answer them. Should our government be allowed to not answer our questions? Should we just decide to repeal the first amendment to make it easier for the Republicans to get their duplicitous agenda passed? Is that the society you want to live in?

Further, Trump esteems the president of Turkey, even though his bodyguards attacked peaceful protesters on U.S. soil.

Patriots love and defend the First Amendment!

“While Turkish officials say the purges are necessary due to the gravity of the coup attempt which killed 240 people, critics in Turkey and abroad say Erdogan is using the coup as a pretext to muzzle dissent and purge opponents,” wrote Reuters.

Don’t forget, Turkey is also the government that Michael Flynn was working as an agent of during the campaign and transition, but failed to report his status or income from Turkey. Recent reports state the White House knew about Flynn’s status as a foreign agent and did nothing and that Flynn helped delay a military operation, a delay favored by the Turkish government.

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