Is the Left to Blame for Violence?

16387874_10208267961122235_895910305340602378_nThe people who are blaming the left’s rhetoric for the Alexandria shooting must have missed the news flashes about:

Trump calling for a second amendment fix for the Hillary problem and inciting violence at rallies,
the Portland slayings,
the murders of Richard Collins III and Srinivas Kuchibhotla and others this year,

the rising number of hate crimes against people of color,
the KKK rallies and the nooses left around D.C. and elsewhere,

the “Pizzagate” and Planned Parenthood shootings,

the representative from Louisiana calling on people to “kill them all, kill them all” in reference to terror suspects (which some people seem to think means Muslims in general),

the knife attack on “liberal” students at Transylvania University,
the shooting at the newspaper office in KY,
the assault of the reporter in MT,
the list goes on…

Nobody’s violence is right. But this troubling culture of violence is not promoted by the left – or by Bernie supporters, for god’s sake! Other than one distasteful stunt by one comedian, I have seen mainly a determined resistance against corruption on the left – not rhetoric condoning violence.

And I see that the political right is unwilling to wake up to the reality of trump’s role and Republicans’ role in creating this very polarized country, divided by alternative facts and fear of other races.

And, still, the so-called chief executive Trump and his cronies continue to whip up hatred and anger toward Democrats, Hillary, Obama and the FBI, all but asking for an attack aimed at one of these “enemies.”

When will this madness end?




Timeline Shows Trump Obstructed Justice

18835776_10209196868424337_7398065196946735442_n (1)When you merge the James Comey & Michael Flynn timelines, two days take on additional significance: Jan. 27 & Feb. 14.

Friday, Jan. 27:
Acting Atty General Sally Yates made her 2nd trip to the White House to push for action on Michael Flynn, based on knowledge Russia had compromised him.

That SAME DAY (1/27):
Trump called Comey and invited him to dinner.
Trump again brought up Comey’s interest in keeping his job, then Trump said:

“I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.”

Monday, Jan. 30:
Acting Atty Gen Yates fired for “disloyalty” (in Trump’s eyes).

Skip ahead to the night of Feb. 13:
Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser for presumably “lying to the VP.” Later we learned more details on Flynn’s suspect behavior, including acting as an unregistered agent for Turkey. We also learned after the fact that the Trump team had been notified about Flynn’s problems and did nothing.

Tuesday, Feb. 14:
The following day, Trump clears the oval office of everyone except Comey and begins by saying:

“I want to talk about Mike Flynn…I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Michael Flynn is in legal jeopardy, confirmed by Yates’ and Comey’s testimony, as well as Flynn himself by asking for immunity.

Context shows Trump’s intent was to obstruct justice. When you add the requests Trump made to other intelligence chiefs (that they refuse to confirm or deny) and the clear intimidation of Comey, the obstruction efforts become more clear.

What will you do to #RESIST? Call Congress 202-225-3121.

Comey’s full statement, in case you haven’t read it:…/…/os-jcomey-060817.pdf
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LOL. No, Donald Trump Is Not Vindicated

18839257_10209196870024377_2330428309143610460_n (1)Vindicate means “to free from allegation or blame.”
Far from being vindicated Trump comes off as an amateurish mob-boss who perturbs, manipulates, and threatens those around him.
Donald Trump lies relentlessly; it’s proven. While we’ve questioned his judgement, life-long civil servant Jim Comey does not lie. Who does it make sense to believe?
What Donald Trump has NOT been vindicated on:
> Whether Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey to influence the Russia investigation (even Trump said he did).
> Whether Trump obstructed justice (Comey said Mueller would probe that charge).
> Whether the Trump campaign or even Trump himself colluded with Russia (that is part of an ONGOING investigation, per Comey).
> Whether any allegations of blackmail material on Trump in the Steele dossier are true (again, Comey said still part of the open investigation).
> Many of Trump’s false statements were not vindicated either. Comey said he wrote notes and shared them immediately after meetings because he was worried Trump might lie, and that Trump did lie about the reasons for his firing.
LOL. Trump has not been vindicated, although it’s predictable he would claim this.
What Trump has been vindicated on:
> Comey told Trump that he was not under personal investigation (at the time, but Comey didn’t want to announce that publicly because he knew Trump could become a person of interest as the investigation progressed). Comey never denied he told Trump this.
Other conservative talking points that don’t vindicate Trump:
> Comey said the NYT article on Trump campaign contacts with Russians is inaccurate (what’s inaccurate is unknown; we do know Page, Kushner, Flynn, Sessions and others met with Russians last year).
> Loretta Lynch may have acted improperly (guess what, she’s not Atty General anymore, but Comey did say classified material on Jeff Sessions makes his continued involvement in the Russia probe “problematic.”
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