Is the Left to Blame for Violence?

16387874_10208267961122235_895910305340602378_nThe people who are blaming the left’s rhetoric for the Alexandria shooting must have missed the news flashes about:

Trump calling for a second amendment fix for the Hillary problem and inciting violence at rallies,
the Portland slayings,
the murders of Richard Collins III and Srinivas Kuchibhotla and others this year,

the rising number of hate crimes against people of color,
the KKK rallies and the nooses left around D.C. and elsewhere,

the “Pizzagate” and Planned Parenthood shootings,

the representative from Louisiana calling on people to “kill them all, kill them all” in reference to terror suspects (which some people seem to think means Muslims in general),

the knife attack on “liberal” students at Transylvania University,
the shooting at the newspaper office in KY,
the assault of the reporter in MT,
the list goes on…

Nobody’s violence is right. But this troubling culture of violence is not promoted by the left – or by Bernie supporters, for god’s sake! Other than one distasteful stunt by one comedian, I have seen mainly a determined resistance against corruption on the left – not rhetoric condoning violence.

And I see that the political right is unwilling to wake up to the reality of trump’s role and Republicans’ role in creating this very polarized country, divided by alternative facts and fear of other races.

And, still, the so-called chief executive Trump and his cronies continue to whip up hatred and anger toward Democrats, Hillary, Obama and the FBI, all but asking for an attack aimed at one of these “enemies.”

When will this madness end?




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